Friday, July 1, 2011

New Tiger Moon

 Happy New Tiger Moon!

We have a special event this month.

We will have two new moons!

Today we celebrate our first new moon the,
 New Tiger Moon.

On the 30th we will celebrate the New Wise Moon.
Like two Full Moons in one month two New Moons are special.

I made some lotion this afternoon.
I used shea butter, co-conut oil, vitamin e cream and four drops of lavender oil.
I stirred it all together. I did up a couple of jars. 

The Humminbird Clearwings are daily visitors.
I do enjoy the bugs.

I did a foot soak.
My Spa Friday treat.

I had a cup of tea

and a read.
I want to restart my home yoga practice.
It has been too long since I did my yoga.
I miss it.

I will set aside Yoga Time.

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