Friday, August 19, 2011


The Swan is one of my totem Animals.

The Swan speaks to me.

I turn to the Swan often to remind me of my own inner beauty.

Summer's heat and humidity have returned.

I am planning my at home retreat.
I shall take a few days in September to be silent.
A few days in early Autumn to take long walks in nature
 without my cameras.

I will journal and meditate.
I will honor the Autumn Equinox.

I shall sit and weed in the gardens
 during my retreat.

I want to let some seeds I have planted in my mind
 a chance to sprout and grow.

I am planning my retreat.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Body, mind and soul

Being outside with the butterflies is very joyful for me.
I was so happy to see a Red Admiral this afternoon.

The Giant Swallowtail comes most every afternoon.

I am glad I deadheaded the Butterfly bush.

A pair of Monarchs mating.
The newly emerged butterflies from these eggs
 are the butterflies that will migrate to Mexico in October.

Every time I am with the Hummingbirds I am happy.

The sunflowers are finishing up.
The Gold Finches are getting their fill.

It has been a hard Summer.
The heat and humidity has taken its toll.

But we will bounce back.
We will make some changes so our next year's summer is easier.

I will have to decide what plants I will
over winter indoors.

 I get distracted by the butterflies.

The Full Green Corn Moon rises tonight.

I have added another pose to my yoga time.

My mind, body and soul are full too.

One aspect informs the others.

I am full of joy.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I greeted the dawn this morning
 and the Hummingbirds.

Clouds came in and it began to rain.
Glorious summer rain.
We received one inch!

I sat outside after the storm blew over.
I sat with the Dragonflies
and butterflies.

I watched the Gold Finches eat seed in the Bergamont.

I finished reading this amazing book.
I shall be following my dreams more closely.
I am beginning my dream yoga practice.

I added a new pose to my home practice.

I look forward to my yoga time each day.

I have decided to add another layer to my
Astrology studies.

Adding Celtic Astrology
will be fun.
Thirteen Moons
works for me.