Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye June

The heat does make one somewhat contrary!

I have packed up June and cleaned the house.
I am reading in my herbals.
Now is the time for me to be drying herbs for winter use.

Our July decorations are up.
I am looking forward to July.
I am working on our calendar of events.

The Summer Olympics are once again in London, England.

Opening ceremonies are on July 27th.
I am thinking of adding Fairy Houses to my July.
They would be fun to make.
I think gathering pieces for houses will be fun.

While I do my morning watering I often see sweet pieces
a fairy would like.

The heat is on.
Looks as if we will have at least another week of the high
temperatures. We need rain.

We have plans to make more sorbets in July.
I think I will do a foot soak this evening and read.
It doesn't cool off over night very much.
I am setting up cooling centers for the plants.
I brought a few in.
A few pots moved to the patios.
I have umbrellas for those in ground plants that need shade.
Goodbye June.
I shall remember your heat for many years to come.