Friday, January 27, 2012


I feed the butterflies this morning.
One was acting like it wanted to lay eggs.
I helped it to some parsley.

We will see if she was able to lay.

Teaching the butterflies to use the nectar pot has been stressful.
Thank goodness they were successful.
I love watching them feed.

I will need to get some royal jelly for them,
sugar water does not provide proteins.

I am working with a new Koan.
After years of working with "I do not understand"
I have realized I do not have to understand.
There is no way I could ever understand.
It is the 67th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz, the concentration camp.
I cried this morning. I laid my sadness at the wall.

We were just children.
I have a new koan, "I don't know."

I am reading.

I am still celebrating Luna New Year.
I will celebrate until the Full Moon.
I will celebrate Dragons forever.
Tonight we will attend a gathering at our art gallery.
I have my patterns for doing some embroidery.

I hope to have a spot for all my needle work needs.

Getting organized is a 2012 goal for me.

Luna New Year is all about Spring.
"Soon to fly kites," I said to my hat.

Today we remember Lewis Carroll.
It is his birthday.
Alice in Wonderland is a family favorite.

We often quote "Alice in Wonderland."

I am very fond of the Gryphon, the Mock Turtle
and Mad Hatter.

I am taking a break.
I shall be unplugging February 1st.
We are going to redo my office.
We are starting our Spring cleaning.

I did my mailings for
March of Dimes.
It is a January ritual.

Every morning I read
  Earth and Sky.

Every day I look up and say my

Friday, January 20, 2012


I have been using Frankincence essential oil for the last couple of weeks.
I love the way it smells. I have read it is good for reducing fine facial lines and excellent for breathing.
I inhale and hold the scent. It is divine.

I did a bit of spinning this afternoon.
I have my books and tea for later.

I do enjoy cold January days.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Who I am

I have accepted myself.

I may be a wee bit different
but I have found my way.
I have found my place of ease.

I have found my niche.
I sat outside in the sun.
I did a bit of reading.

I lit a candle this morning
and sent blessings.

I think of my friends and family each morning.
I think of their concerns.

I found my word, Yuga.
It is Japanese.
I have searched all my life for this word.
It means gracefulness and refinement
that is strongly infused with gentleness.

I have found peace.
I am a little bit of this
and a little bit of that.
I am content.