Saturday, August 18, 2012


Week 5

Accepting life on life's terms,

 has given me peace of mind.

Acceptance helps me decide what it is I can do to make
a difference in my world.

 I let go of what I cannot change.

The temperature has cooled but still no rain.
I cannot change the drought.
I can only accept.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Brilliant Sleep

Week Four:
Brilliant Sleep

I believe brilliant sleep is the foundation for
happy, healthy living.

I made a commitment to my sleep time years ago.
Every now and again I check to make sure I am doing
everything I can do to maintain brilliant sleep.

I look forward to getting into bed at night
and I look forward to getting up the next morning.

Even when I travel I have a routine that helps me get a good night's rest.

When life gets hectic I find if I rest, just take a few five minute breaks from the stress during the day, I sleep better at night.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Week Three

My friends are important in my life.

Even friends I seldom talk with I send blessings to.

My friends help me stay healthy.

I have found a new to me product.

I think I will get a couple to share with my friends.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mindful creativity

Week Two
Mindful Creativity

Being creative keeps me excited about my day.
Choosing to be mindful keeps me connected to my world.
I am surrounded by beauty.
I am in awe of the miracles of everyday living.
I am young in spirit.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Taking care

I have been using Tamanu, a new to me product,
on my hands and nails. Each time I sit down at my desk I put a wee bit on.  I have hard working hands and this product has done wonders.

I just began reading "Healthy at 100."
I am interested in expanding my health span.

Daily meditation is my number one healthy way.

I have begun my list of 100 healthy ways!
I shall share a healthy way each Friday for the next 99 Fridays.
If you have a healthy way please share.
This will be fun.
 Together we will enjoy our walk to 100 years old and beyond.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye June

The heat does make one somewhat contrary!

I have packed up June and cleaned the house.
I am reading in my herbals.
Now is the time for me to be drying herbs for winter use.

Our July decorations are up.
I am looking forward to July.
I am working on our calendar of events.

The Summer Olympics are once again in London, England.

Opening ceremonies are on July 27th.
I am thinking of adding Fairy Houses to my July.
They would be fun to make.
I think gathering pieces for houses will be fun.

While I do my morning watering I often see sweet pieces
a fairy would like.

The heat is on.
Looks as if we will have at least another week of the high
temperatures. We need rain.

We have plans to make more sorbets in July.
I think I will do a foot soak this evening and read.
It doesn't cool off over night very much.
I am setting up cooling centers for the plants.
I brought a few in.
A few pots moved to the patios.
I have umbrellas for those in ground plants that need shade.
Goodbye June.
I shall remember your heat for many years to come.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainy morning

The Rain Dragons returned.
I awoke this morning to the sounds of thunder.
We had rain over night.

My herbs will thrive now with the rain and sun.
I am drinking fresh mint tea from the gardens.
It is delicious!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Body Language

It is a rainy Friday the 13th.
I am inside reading.

I am learning the language of my body.
I am learning to listen.

Friday, February 17, 2012


A small planting of crocus have bloomed.
These are my first flowers of the season.
They are at least a month ahead of schedule.

Daffodils are pushing through the mulch.
They could send bloom stalks up any day.

The rose bushes are beginning to leaf out.
Spring is coming too soon.
It was sunny and 59 degrees today.
Too warm for the middle of February.

I made a note to dry more chamomile this year.

I also will need twice as much mint for tea next winter.

My coconut oil stays liquid in the sun.
I use it for my body oil.
It is the first day of the 15 Annual Great Backyard Bird Count.
People all across the U.S. are counting the birds in their parks and gardens. I have participated for all of the 15 years.
I had 18 different species of birds in my backyard this afternoon.
I will count again tomorrow.
I love sitting outside with the birds and my books.

I love making plans for my edible gardens.

Friday, February 10, 2012


It was very cold, 25F degrees, with a strong nothernly breeze when I fed the birds this morning.

I bundled up. The sun felt warm.
I spent some time outside reading and drinking mint tea.
I soaked up some vitamin d.

Cooper's Hawk is a regular visitor.

I am pleased he hunts my backyard,
keeping the population of the sparrows and doves in check.

There is balance in nature.

I am thinking of buying "Yoga of the Mahamuda."
I have not yet finished reading my library book
and already I am planning to re-read.

Nassa has released another amazing photograph in their Blue Marble series.
This is my favorite to date.

With Iran in the news I decided to read about this amazing ancient culture.