Monday, June 2, 2008


To stay in balance we need to give our
bodies proper exercise.
I like to walk.

Dr. Nancy suggests we walk 20 minutes in the morning
and 20 minutes in the evening.
The problem is having the energy for walking.
When I do not feel good it is hard to get out and walk.
Keeping my motivation up can be the deciding factor on if I go walking or not.
Knowing you are walking with me helps.
Thank you!
Once I go walking I feel much better.
My husband walks with me at twilight.
I do enjoy our walking and talking time.

I am still walking in place each time I go into the bathroom.
I am up to 3 minutes of fast paced walking in place.
I do this once an hour from 7am to 5pm.
30 minutes every day.
Today I added weights to my walking in place.
I also brought out my wrist weights to wear around the house
and when I go outside walking.
Dr. Nancy suggests weight baring exercise as part of a
prevention program for osteoporosis.
As I am able I am adding to my exercise program.

What type of exercise do you like?

I am almost finished reading Ageless Woman.
Next on my desk is Home Remedies.
Having support is important.
Each month I recevie an Ayurveda newsletter.
I enjoy the articles and feel support in my new way.