Friday, July 22, 2011

101 degrees in the shade

Last winter my friend sent a charm for my birthday.
I have it sitting on my sacred table.
It is a charm of the Indalo.
It is the symbol of Almeria, Spain.
For me it symbolizes the closeness I share with my friend.

She also sent me her amethyst when I was so very sick.
I am well now. I am filled with vitality.
Yet I still hold her stone every day and
 give thanks for a caring friend.

I turn on the salt crystal lamp in the mornings.
It helps to keep my air clean.

My yoga nook has a few special pieces.

I have added many different Mudras to my day.
They are a gracious way to hold your hands.
They are healing too.
I have also added a few special poses to my practice.
The Swan is now part of my sequence as is the Mammoth.

I try and spend 30 minutes before my practice for reading.
I would like to add more meditation to my day.

The doTerra oils are amazing.

I use them daily in some way.

I am planning a retreat for myself.
 I am thinking it will be in September.
I will include tree time and oils and special herbs.
I will be at home but I will be quiet. I will go on long walks.
I will take a break.

I bought two patterns.

I want to do some sewing.
I think a retreat outfit would be fun.

I need a new summer nightgown.

I am inside.
It is too hot outside even in the shade.

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