Monday, April 27, 2009


My dear friend sent her healing way.
Her love is guiding me to trust my inner wisdom.
I have asked the Oak Tree that grows in my yard for healing.

My Doctor has suggested I return to my yoga practice.
When I found this darling book at the bookstore I decided
I could get back into my routine at home.
I feel comfortable in my kitchen.

I am learning to savor.

I am using my sand timer to help me

spend at least 20 minutes enjoying my meals.

My doctor has prescribed two more books.

This one is to help me with my anxiety.
I have begun a study, complete with a high lighter and note taking.

From the library I have a few
food and health books.

While shopping for my great niece's first birthday gift

I found a book for me.

Something for my little inner "French child."

I am writing and reading and working on wellness.

Thank you for you kind support.

I am having fun while learning to be the best I can be.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Being Fit!

I am learning how to be slim and trim.

I am learning how to relax and release stress.
I am learning how to let go of anxiety.

I am developing my own program.

I am honoring my green, natural ways.
I am celebrating who I am.
I still fix my morning tray.

I still follow my Ayurveda Way.
I am adding in some Western Ways.

I am under Doctor's care.
I am in a partnership.
I have a goal.

I am putting together my team of healers.
I am building my support.

I fixed an afternoon tray.
I am keeping a detailed food journal,
recording not only what I eat but when and where and how I feel.
My digestion is improving.

I refilled my tea chest.

My friend sent me a card. She addressed it to "Butterfly Woman."

I feel as I have been in a cocoon.
I feel as if I am emerging.

I am shopping for a yoga class. I am shopping for a cooking class.

I may need to get my beret out!
Adding a lovely French twist to my eastern way is fun!