Friday, March 18, 2011

12-15 year old me

I went outside this afternoon.
I took my books to the deck.
It is beginning to green up.
The birds are delightful.

A pair of Mocking birds came for raisins.

This female Cardinal knows me. She has been around for a few years now. Her red eyebrow is her calling mark.

I am slowly finishing my study of Wales for this year and beginning my study of all things French.

I am almost finished with my Merlin shows from BBC.
I will wait for the next season to begin.

I recently realized the Ayruveda way is passed down from Mother to daughter.
My Mother did not pass these ways down to me.
My Mother was busy with her own agenda and did not have time to help me find my way.
I have always been self taught.

I decided to read a couple of books about the Middle School years with the idea of re-parenting my inner 12-15 year old.

I am learning so much!
I am opening my heart to my passions.

I remember myself as a twelve year old, just beginning to bud,
emerging like so many lovely Spring plants are right now.

I remember loving beautiful jewelry
and nature.
I wanted to travel when I was young.
Now I can.
In Aries I will be allowing my 12-15 year old to have Fridays as her day to explore, to have adventures with a loving caring adult
to guide and support. Fridays shall be my dream days and spa days. Fridays are for my 12-15 year old to come out and play.

This shall be interesting!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finishing Touches

I am still finding fun finishing touches.
I filled a lovely crystal jar with my morning oils.

I so enjoy using my oils!

Twenty-four white roses finished my tables in the living room and dining room. They look beautiful!

A dish garden was just the perfect Spring touch for the deck.

I use coconut oil for hand lotion.
I have a small pot of it on my desk.
Off and on during the day I oil up.
Each night I have been brushing my hair
100 strokes with a natural boar bristle brush.
After my brushing I massage my scalp and hair
 with babasu oil.
This morning I decided to use a tiny bit of oil
 on my natural bristle round brush.
A nice finish to my morning style.

I began a 5 minute, 3 times a day, exercise
routine. I simply fast dance about for 5 minutes
while my tea steeps.
Just five minutes, three times every day.
I was so surprised when I saw this book at the library.
I am looking forward to reading about other quick ways of
adding energy to my day!

 I continue my study of Wales and her people.
This new translation of the epic poem
Preiddeu Annwfyn
is presented line by line with references
 and gorgeous paintings.
The finishing touch to my own Grail Quest.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Clover Moon

Today we celebrate the New Clover Moon.

I press clovers to use on cards.

In March my house has lots of clovers dancing about.

We have had thundershowers today.
It has been so dark I have had to turn on a few lights.

I have been listening to music from Wales.

My soul has been refreshed.

I have been touched
by an Angel.

I have been reading this afternoon,

getting to know the Welsh by their

I do love rainy days.
These end of Winter rainy days
are Dragon Days for me.

I am wrapped in my blanket
with a cup of tea.

It is a Wabi Sabi
sort of day.