Friday, June 24, 2011


The butterflies are so beautiful.
They have healing power for me.

Today I honor my sister.
She died on June 24th, 2000.
I miss her every day.

She sent me this postcard when she was in Denmark.
I have it on a little stand on the mantel in June.
I decorate with mermaids in June in her honor.

My daughter- in- love is a doTerra representive.
She has given me amazing Essential oils.

While visiting her and my son while on holiday I was given more healing oils. I am spoilt!

Citrus Bliss is one of my favorites.

Lavender oil is good for me!
I blend it with a carrier oil for an all over the body oil.
I love the smell of lavender.

I use the diffuser they gave me in February almost every day.

This travel case is wonderful.

It fits in my purse

and I can easily refill the bottles.

Often I need a bit of serenity while driving and remembering to
relax and breathe makes for a pleasant time where ever I may be.

I have been using the Digest-zen blend.
Just a drop does the trick. These oils are food grade. Amazing quality.

To celebrate the Summer Solstice I went in for a facial.

I decided to try a different day moisturizer.
It is nice to have a bit of color and spf 25 .

For my night cream I am using Alaffia's renewal cream.
I have found I cannot be outside as much as I would like to be.
I cannot be in the sun anymore for very long.
I cannot tolerate the heat or the humidity of summer in the mid-west.

I have been turning on the salt crystal lamp every morning.
It puts healing negative ions in the air.

I am feeling good. Happy to be home from our holiday.
My husband and I are walking again twice a day.
I am drinking my water and getting good sleep.

When I look out the backdoor and see butterflies I am so happy.
I often grab the camera and go out to the butterfly garden.

 I can spend hours taking butterfly photographs.
I forget all about chores, aches and pains.
Butterflies are healing.

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