Friday, July 8, 2011

Natural Surroundings

Our gardens are full of Queen Ann's Lace.
It is a native wildflower.
The butterflies seem to love it.
A new to my backyard, the Olive Juniper Hairstreak stopped for a moment.

The Tawny Emperor is a regular visitor.

I have two butterfly bushes. They are not native to my area.
They do seem to be a butterfly magnet and with deadheading they bloom all season.

I love going outside when the female Tiger Swallowtail,
 in her black form, is about.

I think she is lovely.

Much joy when I saw the Pipe-vine Swallowtail.

This is a male.
 I can tell by the iridescent blue on his upper wings.

I collected rain water yesterday.

I added lemon and rosemary.
I shall use it for my finishing hair rinse.
I am finding a balance between native and cultivated.

I am practicing determination and resolve.
In sanskrit this is known as sankalpa.

I resolve to do my yoga every day so that
the result is experiencing ease in my body.

I have a yoga journal now
and my yoga time.

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