Friday, September 16, 2011


I cut a bouquet of parsley for the kitchen table.
I looked to make sure there were not any Black Swallowtail caterpillars on it.
Much to my surprise this morning I saw two tiny cats.

They must have been eggs when I cut the parsley.
I have potted up some so I will have caterpillar food even if it gets cold.
Once they start on parsely they will only eat it.
Some of the other Black caterpillars I have found on Queen Anne's Lace or on Fennel. I have brought in enough host plants
for the caterpillars.

One of the Blacks emerged yesterday.
I cut some blooms for her to feed from.
Still too cold to release her. Maybe tomorrow.

We potted up the cactus.
They are on the porch getting used to less light before I bring them in.

A few leaves have turned and fallen to the ground.

Seeds are setting and I will once again gather for next year.

I am giving myself a retreat next week.
I will spend a few days reading and journaling.
I will spend a few days in silence.
I am unplugging.
Have a blessed Autumn Equinox.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Up Up and Away

At first light I saw a hot air balloon float over my backyard.
It rose rapidly and went out of sight.
The leaves on the Dogwood are beginning to turn.
These are end of Summer days.

A flock of Robins visited the pokeberry.

I watched as the sun rose higher in the eastern sky.

I watched as the butterflies woke up.

I am reading stories about Swans.

I am far away in dream.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Swan Days

I am following Celtic Astrology.

Today is the first day of Vine Muin.
The symbol for these days is the White Swan.
The Swan is a totem animal for me.

I look to the sky and see Swan.

I looked back at the photographs from our road trip in May.
I remembered the gift of seeing Swans building their nest.

I always have Swans about.

They are tucked into my gardens.

They nest in all sorts of spots.

My desk Swan is waiting for her card for September.

I have a few journals I keep.
I am planning a September retreat
 for September 20, 21 and 22nd.

I am listening to the Swans.
I am learning from their lessons.

I am highlighting and taking notes.

I have always like Winter.
I like the coolness and the bright sun.
I like the snow and the birds.
I just miss the butterflies!

The Waxing Crescent Moon
in September is my Swan Moon.
Last night I watched her from my deck
 setting in the west.
It was 90 degrees at 9pm.
I thought it was too hot to go walking.

I heard her call to me.
I put my shoes on.
I walked under my Swan Moon.
I watched as she turned an amazing gorgeous orange.
The color of creativity.
I am grateful for her encouragement.

In September I celebrate
the Clown.

In September I celebrate

the Swan.