Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ageless Woman

Dr Nancy Lonsdorf's teleconference last night
was very informative. I took notes.
I ordered her book, "The Ageless Woman:
Natural Health and Beauty After Forty"

Yesterday while shopping with a girlfriend I found this little lotus candle holder.
I decided I needed a blessing candle for me.
I lit my candle this morning and set my intention for today,
"I am healthy and filled with vitality."

I turned the kettle on and boiled my water for five minutes.
Dr. Nancy suggested we boil our water for five minutes to remove impurities and give a lightness to our water. I use filtered water but I still boiled for five minutes.
This is new information for me.

Sipping warm water during the day not only helps with digestion but also with weight loss. Warm or hot water is known as "silver tea". It is very comforting and delicious!
Dr. Nancy told of a lady that worked in her office that lost 99 pounds in three years.
She started her weight loss with sipping warm water throughout the day.
The warm water took away the craving for sugar.
I keep my hot water in my 64 oz. stainless steel carafe.
A stainless steel thermos would be nice to take with me when I leave on errands.
I have one in my road trip things.
I could refill my stainless steel travel mug as I go about my day away from home.
I will get it out and cleaned up so it is ready to go!
It will be so nice to have my water with me.

I will drink two carafes of water before I go to bed tonight,
45 oz of this water will be used for my echinacea tea.
I am building up my immune system.
I also will drink a pitcher of lemon water today.

I am flushing ama, toxins.
I am gaining vitality.

I am feeling better.

I check my water intake twice a month just to make sure I am getting enough.
Are you too getting plenty of water?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"Ayurvedic skin care begins with abhyanga,
a therapeutic self-applied oil massage that nourishes the skin."
Inner Beauty

I am using an oil I bought while at the Raj.

When I am finished with it I will make my own.
Vata Abhyanga Oil
1 cup sesame oil
1/4 cup mixed herbs: turmeric-root powder,
fresh ginger. lotus root, fresh basil, cloves and fresh orange peel
Essential Oil: jasmine, basil, orange or rose

In a small saucepan, heat the oil gently until just to boil.
Stir in the herbs and remove from heat.
Cover and steep for one to two days.
Strain the oil into an air tight container.
Add 5-8 drops of single or mixed essential oil.

This daily massage routine takes five minutes.

I am currently under the care of a massage therapist.
She is teaching me some self massage techniques.
She is helping my connective tissues heal.
Connecting with you is healing.