Friday, July 10, 2009

Lip Pots

I needed more rose water
and my nightime oil bottle was almost empty.

Both would be easy to make in the kitchen.

My nighttime oil is Vitamin E and vitamin C mixed together.
The lemon oil is the vitamin C part of my recipe. It is easy to do up a bottle.
It will last me three months as long as I keep it out of the light.
It is my nighttime face treatment since
Vitamin E and Vitamin C are affected by light.
I wear a cream with sunscreen for daytime.
For less than $10.oo I have a lovely nightime treatment.
I sometimes will add lavender oil if I am having trouble sleeping.

My lip pot was almost empty.
I have been planning on making my lip gloss.
I want to make all my cosmetics when I have a studio.
Today I decided I was not waiting for a studio or a still room.
I wanted to make my lip treatment today!

I rounded up the supplies, I put on my apron.

I stirred some Rosemary oil into the Shea Butter.

I filled the little pots.

This is nice for cuticles too.

I have the poppy pot on my desk.

As soon as I need creams I shall make them.

I just need to find pretty jars!

That was very fun.