Thursday, February 19, 2009


I added a few drops of lavender oil
to my unscented lamp oil.
The smell is relaxing.

I have been trying out a new product line.

The company seems to be responsible; aware of the enviroment and fair with their labor practices.

Their products are all organic.

I am very plesed with each of the products I am using.

I am looking forward to when my stone crop is in season.
I want to make a serum for my face.
Stone crop is the same as sediums.
I grow lots of sediums!


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....the products are beautifully packaged. I always like to hear about skin products....when you are in the fresh air as much as I am, the elements damage your skin.....I always protect it but it always catches up.....

I will be interested to learn how you will make your serum......I hope that you will post......

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I hope you get a chance to look at this product line. I really love it. I am doing a coconut cream masque this morning. I also am outside in the weather. I do use a sun screen and a sun hat but still my skin is expoused. The body lotion, with the stone crop is good for aging skin! I did a stone crop serum from Eminence when I first found the products. It helped. My face was so dry and I need a boost.
This summer I will try scraping the "juice" out of the leaves of the sedium. I think it is like aloe vera in that the inner pulp is the serum...
I shall post here when I do the serums.
I think my Ayurveda Way blog should include growing my own medicines and beauty products!
I also am looking at putting together a herb cabinet. I need a spot to store my glass jars and other equipment I use for medicine making.
I have a cabinet my father built for my Grandmother. It is in my needs to be brought up into the light....the first piece for my studio!