Thursday, April 9, 2009

Being Fit!

I am learning how to be slim and trim.

I am learning how to relax and release stress.
I am learning how to let go of anxiety.

I am developing my own program.

I am honoring my green, natural ways.
I am celebrating who I am.
I still fix my morning tray.

I still follow my Ayurveda Way.
I am adding in some Western Ways.

I am under Doctor's care.
I am in a partnership.
I have a goal.

I am putting together my team of healers.
I am building my support.

I fixed an afternoon tray.
I am keeping a detailed food journal,
recording not only what I eat but when and where and how I feel.
My digestion is improving.

I refilled my tea chest.

My friend sent me a card. She addressed it to "Butterfly Woman."

I feel as I have been in a cocoon.
I feel as if I am emerging.

I am shopping for a yoga class. I am shopping for a cooking class.

I may need to get my beret out!
Adding a lovely French twist to my eastern way is fun!


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.......keeping slim is a struggle we all have in the I child I was told 'you cannot leave the table, until you have finished everything on your plate.' Fortunately Mum always gave us plenty of fruit and vegetables (Dad grew his own)>

I have been reading and studying diet for around twenty years now. You may be interested to know that I have been involved in a study with Oxford University for fifteen years now. Every so often they write to me and I fill in a book about my diet and my health. I also send bloods to them, my doctor does that. They are doing research into diet and illness. As I do not eat meat, they ask me to get involved. I believe 100,000 people are involved in the study.....

I do hope that you will find help and understanding and achieve the things that you want to.
The way you present your food, is like everything else you do, beautiful....

I have been to France many times and it is so true, the woman are rarely overweight. I love french food and their attitude to eating.....

Have a happy Easter......

Sprite said...

Dearest Butterfly Woman,

I totally support you in your beauty road to health, slim, and trim. It is wonderful that you have such willingness to follow your heart. Keeping a journal too, will surely help along the way.

Your serving trays are very lovely girlfriend, and will also beautify your journey.

May your days be full of love for you are very loved!