Friday, February 11, 2011

Healing mist

My son and daughter-in-love sent a beautiful diffuser

and healing oils.

The mist is amazing.

I love this scent she blended.

I have been turning the diffuser on three times a day
while sitting at the kitchen table and reading.
I am sure the mist has helped in my recovery.

Today I went out for the first time in weeks.
I went for a hair cut and facial.
It felt great to have some spa activity.

When I was sick it was suggested to me to get
a Neti pot to help with congestion.
After reading about the benefits of the Neti
I decided to get one.

I shall add this to my morning routine.

Last night while relaxing
I hand stitched two wool hearts
and filled them with roving that I had soaked in rose oil.
February is heart health month.
Holding hands with my husband keeps my
heart in perfect health.
 Scented hearts under our pillows is divine!
I think I will do up a few more hearts.
One in my purse would be nice.
Oxytocin is released by touching and scent.

I sat in the sun for a little
while this afternoon.

I could feel the
Vitamin D!

There is a pair of
Yellow-shafted Flickers
that have begun to court in my backyard.
The Carolina Wrens
and the Northern Cardinals have begun
their morning song.
Snow still lays on the ground but it is melting.

A strong breeze came up just when the Crows were
returning to their roost.
Time for me to go in and have a cup of tea.

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bacalove said...

That is a beautiful diffuser. Can you please tell me the manufacturer's name and where to purchase. Thanks.