Friday, February 18, 2011

Gaining Strength

I am back walking!
It feels great too.
I am not up to my 1 1/2 hours a day just yet but I am working
on gaining strength.

I am feeling better each day.
I am 98% well. A tiny bit of tightness in my chest remains.
The pneumonia wore me down a bit but I am bouncing back!

I have added 20 minutes of meditation to my afternoon.
Twenty minutes of outside quiet time with the birds.

I am restored and refreshed from being in the silence
and in the sun.

The Neti pot is helping my congestion.
I am so happy to be feeling better.

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Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, I am happy that you are feeling better. It has been an exhausting time for you.
Your healthy diet will help you to mend more quickly. You will soon be walking your one and half miles again.

I watched a wonderful programme on BBC the other evening. It was about spices (pepper and cinnamon). It showed the farms in India and Sri Lanka and told of their uses in Ayurveda medicine.
It was amazing to watch the woman roll the cinnamon into its neat form that we know so well.
I wanted someone to put me on a magic carpet and take me there.
I remember so well the spice plantations I visited in India.
Sometimes I wish I lived there, it was just so perfect........