Friday, December 24, 2010

Spaing on Christmas Eve

I am adding aspects of the microbiotic diet
to my daily meals.

Denny Waxman, the author of The Great Life Diet,
has a seven step program that incorporates Ayurveda teachings.
The first step is "Take time for your meals everyday".
It is suggested we spend at least 20 minutes sitting with our meal. By being mindful of our meal we will relax and enjoy our food helping each bite nourish us. Following step one is helping me with digestion.  He also suggests we stop eating 3 hours before laying down for sleep. Another Ayurveda teaching.

I am taking care of my hands and
learning to relax.
I am walking every day
and becoming stronger with every step.
I have never thought of myself as an athlete
but this book is encouraging me think differently.
I shall be thinking about what being an athlete means.

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Bebete Indarte said...

beautiful blogs you have, I'm trying to have a better life, doing the things I really wants do do. Trying to learn things of the past I used to learn at school. Very inspiring blog, thank you so much.