Friday, December 17, 2010

Spa Friday

Once again I am spaing on Fridays.

Last year I made a commitment myself that I would take excellent care of my hair.
For 365 nights I brushed my hair with my natural boor bristle brush 100 strokes. I oiled my hair afterwards with babassu seed oil.  My hair  has never been more healthy. This is a habit now.
I don't think I could sleep if I didn't brush my hair.

I am ready to make another commitment to my body care program.
I am ready to add abhyanga, self massage, to my daily routine.
I am gathering information.
Deciding on my oils.
I think mornings would be best.
I will make infused oils and find pretty bottles
to store them in.
I used to think taking care of myself was pampering.
Now I see that it is the best way
to maintain good health.
I am reading cookbooks
and drinking my water.

I like some of these beauty secrets.
Mink oil is recommended.
I will do some research before I buy any.
I will see if I want to put mink oil on my skin.

My nails become so very brittle in the winter.
I have begun to oil them.
Sweet Almond oil is what I am using right now.
I will be making hand cream this coming week with co-conut oil.
I am back spaing.
It feels good.
I have made a commitment
to The Ayurveda Way.
Friday is my day to share with you.

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