Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Day Starts the Night Before

In Ayurveda there is a saying,
"The day starts the night before."
A good night's rest makes for a good next day.

It is suggested to go to bed during Kapha time, before 10 pm, and arise before 6am, in Vata time. By giving our bodies this 8 hour rest period we are giving our bodies the best opportunity for daily rejuvenation. Sleeping during Pitta time, 10pm-2am, is sleeping during the best time for our metabolism to clean the body of toxins and impurities.
I remember, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."
I like getting up with the birds. Going to bed "on time" has taken me awhile to adjust to.

I have been working on getting the bedroom as pleasant as possible.
I ordered two sets of organic bamboo sheets. They are soft and comfortable. I also found a silk blanket that is warm and not too heavy. I am thinking about ordering a Spring nightgown and robe set. Keeping my night dress comfortable and pretty is one way to get me to get ready for bed early! I like this company. I like their oragnic products and their commitment to fair trade. Gaiam Living often inspires me!

I have cleaned and scrubbed and organized the bedroom. It is one of my favorite rooms now. I almost always have a flower on my night stand and some lavender under my pillow.We set up the night stands with reading lamps. My husband set up a small cd player on the lower shelf of one of the nightstands. We listen to music and read each night before shutting off the lights. I look forward to getting ready for bed. I love our daily down time.

To make my breakfast easier I bought a small, 1.5 quart, slow cooker.
My breakfast is a cooked apple or cooked pear. I get this ready the night before. I just wash my fruit piece, add a handful of raisins and a cinnamon stick, cover with water. When My husband gets up he turns the cooker on high. My fruit is ready in a couple of hours. This is so easy and I look forward to breakfast every morning now.

I am supposed to have a cup of tea first thing each morning. Waiting on the kettle was a bother. I bought two carafes, one for hot water and one for coffee.
Before I go to bed each night I boil up some water and fill the silver carafe. It is still hot in the morning. My husband leaves me a cup of hot coffee in the black stainless steel carafe.
I am learning how to enjoy getting ready for bed and the next morning.

I receive a news letter every month called, Namaste.

It is written by Deepah Chopra. This month it is about Doshas and the Ayruveda Way.

Do you have a night time routine? Do you have a bed time?


Cheryl said...

I love the sound of your bed time.
I go to bed around 10.00 p.m. My bedding is always white and made of egyptian cotton. I rinse everything that goes on the bed in lavender oil, not too much.
I always open the window before getting into bed and just listen to the animals and the silence. I can hear the owl, he calls to me sometimes.
I then read for a while, usually about nature or the teachings of buddha.
I rise early everyday, usually around 6.00 am.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I love the idea of rising your bed linens in Lavender oil! I use a laundry spray I make from my lavender. It is distilled water that I steep lavender buds in. So simple. I spray before I make the bed in the morning. My little lavender under my pillow is also lavender I grow.
Opening the window is a nice idea. I like the fresh smell of that! Living away from the city must be so pleasant, just the sounds of Mother Nature, ahhh!
I also like to get up with the birds. I like the early morning.
Getting proper sleep is important.
I am looking at this night gown and robe set. It is very pretty....

Mel said...

No bed time for me, I have serious sleeping problems, I had them for years now :(

Q said...

Dear Mel,
Getting to bed at the same time each day is the beginning of good rest. Even if you read or listen to music at leaest you are telling your body it is time to rest. I have read about the troubles we have when we are sleep deprived.
Do what you can so you have a better sleep experience.
Maybe you could just focus on getting good rest. Set your room up so it is condusive to sleep. Maybe going to bed could be "fun".
I look forward to bed time.
I like to read before bed. Lately I have been reading about bees. Since you are allergic that might give you nightmares. Maybe a book about "Birds In South America"!
Looking at the pictures might be fun.
Let me know what you come up with.
Sweet dreams,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am usually a 9-5 sleeper. Summer time I am more of a 10-6 or 7 sleeper. It all depends on what I have done during the day. I go to bed at 8:30 if I am tired. I listen to my body.

When I lived in the county like Cheryl I too would sleep with the window open, even during winter. I miss this in the worse way.

I think of PJ's in any form as lounge wear. I sleep in what Mother Nature gave me. The best night wear I am aware of. This way I can feel the nice sheets I have and I feel like I get into a cocoon for sleep.

I also read before I go to sleep. My subjects vary. I can't read anything disturbing at bedtime or I don't sleep well.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
You have the sleep part of the Ayurveda way down. I still sleep in nightgowns. I used to sleep in my birthday suite before I had kids, 34 years ago! Just forgot all about that comfy outfit.
I would love to live in the country.
Sleeping with the window open for me would be all sorts of city sounds...not good for sleep.
You do know how to get good rest.