Friday, January 27, 2012


I feed the butterflies this morning.
One was acting like it wanted to lay eggs.
I helped it to some parsley.

We will see if she was able to lay.

Teaching the butterflies to use the nectar pot has been stressful.
Thank goodness they were successful.
I love watching them feed.

I will need to get some royal jelly for them,
sugar water does not provide proteins.

I am working with a new Koan.
After years of working with "I do not understand"
I have realized I do not have to understand.
There is no way I could ever understand.
It is the 67th anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz, the concentration camp.
I cried this morning. I laid my sadness at the wall.

We were just children.
I have a new koan, "I don't know."

I am reading.

I am still celebrating Luna New Year.
I will celebrate until the Full Moon.
I will celebrate Dragons forever.
Tonight we will attend a gathering at our art gallery.
I have my patterns for doing some embroidery.

I hope to have a spot for all my needle work needs.

Getting organized is a 2012 goal for me.

Luna New Year is all about Spring.
"Soon to fly kites," I said to my hat.

Today we remember Lewis Carroll.
It is his birthday.
Alice in Wonderland is a family favorite.

We often quote "Alice in Wonderland."

I am very fond of the Gryphon, the Mock Turtle
and Mad Hatter.

I am taking a break.
I shall be unplugging February 1st.
We are going to redo my office.
We are starting our Spring cleaning.

I did my mailings for
March of Dimes.
It is a January ritual.

Every morning I read
  Earth and Sky.

Every day I look up and say my


Angie said...

Oh Sherry, how magikal to have butterflies in your house, know how and be able to meet all of their needs, and have them lay eggs too. Magical! I saw a huge dragon in the clouds yesterday afternoon and sent loving thoughts to you. :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

The butterflies are doing well and so are you in taking care of them. I can understand stressful in this situation.

'I don't know' hmmmm....I shall remember this.

Alice in Wonderland is wonderful.....Poppi and I often play the story out. She, of course, is Alice and I the Mad Hatter :) It is such fun.
The only problem is Poppi actually believes there is a hole somewhere that takes you to that magical land. I suspect that may be my fault, my imagination can get me into trouble :)