Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am working with mint this week.

I am making mint syrup.

I harvested 36 stems and stripped the lower leaves off.

The stems with blooms went into vases.

The rest of the stems will be little stir sticks for my tea and coffee.

I cut up 1 cup of mint leaves

and added to them 1 cup of unbleached sugar and 1 cup of water.

On low heat I stirred until the sugar was dissolved.

I cooked the mint sugar for five minutes never allowing the mixture to boil.

I removed the pan from the heat and let the syrup cool

to room temperature.

While the syrup cooled I gathered my container and my cork.

I decided to make a top for the cork from a shank button
that was in my Grandmother's button box.
I cut out a tiny hole in the cork and filled it with household glue.
I wiggled the shank into the glued hole and let it dry.

I strained the syrup, saving my sugared mint.

I use this recipe for all my syrups. I substitute different herbs.

Lavender and rose make lovely syrups.

I patted the sugared mint out on a piece of wax paper.

After it hardens I will break it into little pieces.

It will be mint candy, a pretty garnish.

I use the syrup for many sweeting needs.

It is delicious in tea and my iced coffees.

It is wonderful as the sweetener for lime aides or lemon aides.

Also delicious in yogurt and over pancakes!

I store the syrups in the refrigerator.
They are so pretty I use them at the table too!

My next mint project is to make mint infused oils!

It is mint time at my house.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....thank you, I shall try this. We are a mint family....everybody loves mint.
I love the stopper with the pretty button.....very innovative.

How long will the mint sugar keep??

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Maybe Poppi would like to make mint syrup with you. It is easy to do.
If kept cool I think the syrup will keep 6 months. It never lasts that long at my house!
Hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I have plenty of mint growing, but would never had thought to make mint syrup.

Unknown said...

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