Monday, June 2, 2008


To stay in balance we need to give our
bodies proper exercise.
I like to walk.

Dr. Nancy suggests we walk 20 minutes in the morning
and 20 minutes in the evening.
The problem is having the energy for walking.
When I do not feel good it is hard to get out and walk.
Keeping my motivation up can be the deciding factor on if I go walking or not.
Knowing you are walking with me helps.
Thank you!
Once I go walking I feel much better.
My husband walks with me at twilight.
I do enjoy our walking and talking time.

I am still walking in place each time I go into the bathroom.
I am up to 3 minutes of fast paced walking in place.
I do this once an hour from 7am to 5pm.
30 minutes every day.
Today I added weights to my walking in place.
I also brought out my wrist weights to wear around the house
and when I go outside walking.
Dr. Nancy suggests weight baring exercise as part of a
prevention program for osteoporosis.
As I am able I am adding to my exercise program.

What type of exercise do you like?

I am almost finished reading Ageless Woman.
Next on my desk is Home Remedies.
Having support is important.
Each month I recevie an Ayurveda newsletter.
I enjoy the articles and feel support in my new way.


Naturegirl said...

Sherry the barley water is working! I have lost 3 lbs. this week! All that pudgy stuff in the midriff and tummy!
Bloating I guess and the diuretic quality of this barley water is certainly working with me! I have had more energy, more of a positive attitude..thanks to you! I love the idea of having a tray set up in the kitchen with all my ((water supplies and carafes)lemon, glass etc. waiting for me each time I pass by I fill up!I am so blessed in meeting you through blogging!
I usually go to the gym and work out and do my weights...keeps me fit.This winter with the fracture I became s-o-o-o- unfit!
big hug and smooches to you! aNNa
I think I'd love to read that first book.How do I order?

Q said...

Dear Anna,
I know how friustrating an injury can be. I also injured my toe and my knee so I had to sideline my walking and yoga.
You are gaining back your strenght and amybe you can do some walking about in your neighborhood.
The barely water does work!
Dr. Nancy also writes about "wise water and smart spices." HAve not done them yet.
I am so glad you are enjoying the Ayurveda Way. I ordered my book from click shopping...
I do order many books and music from them since it is so easy.
I almost posted a picture of my June tray. I did a little something different. I added a child's counter to make sure each day I am getting enough filtered water. I would like to do a counter for my 3 minute exercises. I already have a clock for the walking in place but I am just courious how many times a day I actually do it. I know at least I once an hour.
I too am glad we found each other.
Happy slim and trim and feeling good,

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry.....I love these posts and all they offer us.

I walk everyday with my dogs....having dogs, if you care about them, they must be exercised to keep them alert. That in turn keeps me alert. We walk along country lanes, it is peaceful and quiet and is good therapy.

I am still drinking my wark water and it really has made a difference. I really don't think I was drinking enough, as I have a lot more energy now (no afternoon slump)

Thank you Sherry for your help.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Doing the Ayurveda Way together is nice. Sharing the little tips and ways to make life enjoyable while being healthy and wise is a dream come true. I love the support and the caring we have here.
I used to have dogs and cats and all sorts of pets. I am pet free right now. I am putting the focus on caring for me. I like the way your walking the dogs is keeping you alert too. I guess I walk my camera!
Today I will be gone so will not get out for my morning walk. Instead I did 15 minutes fast walking in plce while I dried my hair! I must move, keep moving...too easy for me to sit and be the bee...

Naturegirl said...

Sherry please email me
I want to talk off line..a few things
reach me:
Namaste aNNa

Q said...

Dear Anna,
You have mail!
My e-mail address is on my profile too.
Always happpy to chat.

fiona said...

hi Sherry .. I really liked something I read in a book years ago about walking as meditation .. it described it as 'walking without purpose' (or, rather, with no where to go!)... you just keep your attention in the body and observe yourself walking?

when I was struggling to get over the worst of the ME, I had the help of a physio at St Bart's hospital and when I told her wanted to do walking she helped me do a pacing plan - I started with a 5 minute walk each morning and then did a bit longer each week. eventually I was doing 30 minutes each day.

just walking brings a simple but immense pleasure! good for you :-)

BTW I just wanted you to know that I am doing a little yoga again and having my hot water and lemon each morning, inspired by your excellent example! thank you for sharing with us on your blog xx

Q said...

Dear Hedgewitch,
I do the walking meditation! It is how I am becoming aware of my body. I walk and feel my legs move and my breathing and heartbeat. I also see the world and take a few pictures. LOL
I really like the paced idea. I want to do my walking in the early morning and so far I have not been able to get up and get out.
Encouraged by you I will pace it...tomorrow is Monday and good day to start...five minutes..just down a block and camera!
I shall work today on a schedule.
I know I have all the time I need if I am aware.
Nice to know you are back doing your yoga...I miss mine.
Again schedule and desire and paceing...
Doing this together is wonderful for me. In community is grand.
Thank you!

Mel said...

I do some walking, not as much as I should or the way I should do it.
I wish I could do some more, go hiking or river rafting.
Not soon as time is not exactly working out for me...

Q said...

Dear Mel,
If you can walk in place a little bit it will help. Maybe try once an hour getting up from your work and walking about for five minutes. Keep moving...
Sending energy and time!

Anonymous said...

It takes me about 20 min to get to the office in the morning, then 20 min to walk home to have some lunch and 20 min to get back to office in the afternoon and 20 min to get back home in the evening. At least some excercises... Although I miss our long summer forest walks with my husband when we would wake up in the morning and come back home late at night...

Q said...

Dear Aluajala,
You do get exercise. How great that is!
I also love long walks with my husband in the woods. We were lucky to have a warm up on a recent Saturday. We took off walking in the meadow. It was wonderful. An afternoon in th ewoods and meadow just taking pictures and walking. I loved the fresh air.
Thank you for joining me here. I see I need to post more often about the Ayurveda Way.