Friday, December 2, 2011

Artist Date

When I unwrapped the tree topper for my antique ornament
tree it was broken.
 I knew I would be shopping for a replacement.

Much to my joy I was able to find one today
when we went on our Artist Date.

My tree is now looking beautiful.

We went to a fun resale sale today.
 I have already made plans to go again
on the first Friday in January with a girlfriend.

In December I am selecting a card from
the Animal Divine Tarot deck each day.
This morning I chose Mama Cocha.

Before this morning I knew nothing about this Incan Goddess.
I knew nothing about the triskelion.

I am always open to learn.
I did a wee bit of research on this ancient symbol.
Today we associate the Triskelion with Celtic art from the iron age.
It is also known as the three legs of man. It is the symbol of Brittany and Isle of Man and Sicily.
 Once again I am reminded of three in one.  I look to my mind, my body and my soul. I  remember to seek balance.
I am so happy to know of this ancient Goddess of the Ocean.
So happy to connect once again to my inner life.

Last spring I bought a Mancala board at the second hand shop.
I thought I would use it for beads and buttons
since I did not know how to play.
A search at the library turned up a book that has instructions. Tonight we will attempt to learn.
 Artist Date continues after supper!

I have fallen in love with the Pterosaur.
I am learning about them.
I had always thought they were called Pterodactyls.
I am learning differently.

I think I need another Christmas Tree.
A Swan Tree would be so lovely
and I need a Tree to honor the good Dragon.
 I think a Pterosaur Tree would be cool.
I will be shopping.
I found a spot in the hallway
 a few trees could spring up.

My Artist is ready to create!


Angie said...

It sounds so magical at your haven. :)

Tammie said...

i love how you are always learning so many new things, wonderful things. then you share about them with us. How wonderful! that deck of cards looks wonderful.

Thank you for your lovely visits, your messages have been so poetic, for me. xo