Friday, November 4, 2011

Meditation with the birds

Once again I meditated outdoors.

Once again I sat in the sun with the birds.
The time I spend in silence with the birds
fills my soul with joy.

I chose Hawk this morning from
my deck of Medicine Cards.
Hawk is the messenger.
It is up to me to listen
to be aware.
It is up to me not to be blinded by the light.

I have learned to trust.

I have learned to laugh. 

I know how to have fun.

I look and am delighted.
Each day I see a butterfly
I am blessed.
Birds and butterflies fill me with gratitude.

1 comment:

Kathleen Maunder said...

Sherry-Your photos are so very beautiful and you truly seem to be in communion with nature. I just bought a new camera and hope to be able to take photos of my garden and its wildlife like you some day. :)